The View from the Licaudo Cart

A woman enjoys a smoothie
Photo by Bradley Gossett on Unsplash

I don’t know if Don Cuervo realizes that windows work both ways. I make licuados all day long, but also I watch the people come and go around me. 

The hostel guests are happy, the scuba divers are happy, Raven is happy.

But Don Cuervo is not happy. He worries so much. I don’t what he worries about, but I see he worries. I don’t know why. 

Don Cuervo and Raven have two businesses and a house. They have a lot.

My family, we are lucky we have the fruit business and several of carts, but we are many and Papa says that every day the competition from the big stores gets stronger. 

Papa even said he is thinking about selling the fruit market to start a construction business. More tourists need more hotels, more restaurants, everything.

Of course, another thing that happens when rich foreigners like Don Cuervo and others come and buy land is prices go up. For everything. Rent, gasoline, fruit, meat, corn for tortillas. Everything. Especially land. 

My family is lucky because we have a house, but the people who are moving here because there is work here, they are not so lucky.

The tourists or the people with foreign money, they don’t see this. Maybe it is because they are on vacation, but they only see bright sun and beautiful beaches, and that we smile at them. 

They don’t see me. No. They see a teenager and imagine I am like they were, with an easy life. 

I have been working since I was 9 years old, and I have learned a lot about business and about tourists, and I see more than they think I see. 

Also, I have a phone like everyone else now, and I read the news from all over the world because I want to know about the people coming to visit my country.

Sometimes the tourists complain sometimes that prices used to be lower. Do they want me to give a discount so my family loses money so they can enjoy a licuado for cheap before they fly home across the ocean?

They do. 

And they don’t see the reason that the prices are higher is because more tourists are coming. Every year, more tourists are coming. 

Sometimes I think they believe Mexico to be a museum, not a real place. Otherwise, why would they think it should be always the same?

Do they still wear wooden shoes in Holland or use horses and carriages in the USA? Of course not. 

And they don’t pay the same prices as 20 years ago, either.

Raven is different though. She doesn’t talk to me like I am only a teenager, but like a person. Maybe it is because she is only a couple years older than me, but I don’t think so. 

I think it is because she walks with her eyes open. That is how was able to make money with Bitcoin, she told me. She saw a possibility and put a lot of work into it. 

Then she was interested in it for money. Now she is interested in preventing it from being used for bad purposes. She is afraid that if it is used for too many bad things, then the governments will ban it and we will always be trapped using their money.

When she says things like this I am glad the I only have to worry about my licuado cart, because there are some very bad people in the world, and if they find out that she is investigating them, then she might have some big problems.

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