Xanax and Legumes

The vasectomy doc named Buzz prescribed Xanax and legumes.

“The Xanax is for before,” Buzz said. “While the pharmacist counts the pills, grab a couple bags of frozen peas for the swelling after.”

“I’ve got ice packs at home,” I said.

“Ice packs won’t mold to your body,” Buzz said, holding up a cupped palm. “See what I mean?”

I saw.

I popped the Xanax and don’t remember the vasectomy. 

I’ve never regretted it, except for a few hours one night, dinner and afterwards, my lady and I got all dreamy.

The next morning we argued, and my regret vanished.

© Copyright 2021 by Jim Latham

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash