Unofficial Lockers

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Photo by Zac Fergusson on Unsplash

The cashier shook his head. No lockers.

I would have believed him, but I believed Raven more. She had told me there were lockers at the bus station, so there had to be.

For that reason, I pressed the cashier. “There are no lockers? No way to store luggage?” 

“No,” the cashier said.

I held eye contact with him.

He said, “Not officially.” 

“Not officially?” 

“When there is a great need…” 

I slipped him a bill.

He pocketed it and closed his window. Quickly, he ushered me through into a dusty storeroom. Plywood shelves housed a collection of suitcases and backpacks. A small table held an assortment of envelopes and small packages. 

It was just the sort of thing Raven would have found. 

I thanked the cashier and we made our way back to the main part of the bus station. Exhaust from idling buses drifted through the night air. Rowdy tourists and stoic locals waited on metal benches. Security guards stood with puffed chests by the turnstiles.

In the corner a gringo tourist complained about having to pay to use the bathroom. The old lady with her coin box and stacks of folded toilet paper waited patiently. The fee was a nickel. His special traveling shirt had cost at least $60. 

The gringo handed over the coins with a loud sigh.

The old lady tore a receipt from the roll and handed him a stack of folded toilet paper.

My mind flashed to Pato in the cenote: “Whatever you do, don’t lose the ticket.”

It would be just like him. I pulled the envelope from my pocket and opened it.

Folded inside a sheet of paper was a ticket from the bus station bathroom with a smiley face drawn on it.

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