True of Bananas

My Spanish-speaking friend Luz queries the difference between roost and nest. I explain the divergent sleeping arrangements of chickens and songbirds.
Luz asks if she can ask another question.

Go nuts, I say. A pause, a wrinkled brow. Go nueces? Walnuts?
I can’t explain why hard-shelled edible kernels connote extreme excitement or anger or why that’s also true of bananas.
What’s the word, Luz asks with a soft sigh, for a dog leaving his hair on the couch?


Luz frowns. Like the little garden building? For tools?
I nod.
English, Luz tells me, is not a serious language.

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True of Bananas was first published on 3/15/23 at Scribes*MICRO*Fiction

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash