Three Knocks on the Wrong Door

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Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

All three of us—Bonetta, Don Pedro, and I—heard the knocks at the same time. 

In the hallway, a voice slurred: “You in there, Baby? Sorry I’m late.”

Don Pedro looked at me, the question plain on his face. It was the first time he’d looked away from Bonetta since we’d walked in.

I stood up and opened the door. It swung inward, making the room even smaller. A tourist swayed in front of me. He put a hand on the doorframe to steady himself.

“You’ve got the wrong room,” I said.

“Whoa. Sorry, man.” 

Across the hall, a sleepy young woman wearing boxer shorts and a t-shirt opened the door. “Tyler, you idiot. I’m over here.” 

“Hey Baby,” Tyler said. “I was just looking for you.” 

“Jesus Christ, you’re wasted,” she said, turning and walking into their room, leaving the door open.

Behind me, a chair leg scraped against the tile.

I spun around. Bonetta was coming straight at me, fast. He was leading with his shoulder. I had one hand on the door and my body turned sideways. All I could do was try a half-assed kick toward his gut. It connected. Bonetta folded over my leg—but he kept coming. His weight crashed both of us into the door, slamming it closed.

Bonetta landed on top of me. We grappled in the narrow space, trying to get to our feet. Bonetta’s head pounded into mine, and he went limp.

Hijo de puta.” Don Pedro hauled Bonetta’s unconscious body off of me with one hand.

His other hand gripped the machete. Judging by the light brown hairs stuck to the base of the machete handle, he’d clubbed Bonetta with it, resulting in Bonetta head-butting me.

I lay on the floor rubbing the knot on my head. Then I used the doorknob to pull myself upright.

After making sure I was going to stay up, I opened the door.

Across the hall, Tyler was leaning in the open door, staring at me.

“I’d appreciate it if you could keep this quiet,” I said. 

“Hey, man, it’s cool,” he said. “When in Rome, you know.” 

“Wrong country, you dumb ass,” his girlfriend said from inside the room. “Close the fucking door already.”

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