Sopa de Lima

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Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

I didn’t sacrifice a chicken. 

Instead, I ducked through a couple alleys to my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant and for some sopa de lima, a delicious chicken soup spiced with cloves, cinnamon, oregano, and because this is the Yucatán, habaneros. A healthy dose of lime juice is added to the soup just before serving.

Waiting for my soup and sipping a beer, I watched a tangled mop of a street dog wheedle half a taco each from two tourist girls while I pondered the events of the last week or so.

Raven had written a piece of software that tracked illegal oil sales. Somebody caught wind of it and tried to grab her.  

On the street, the dog was following the girls, who seemed to be looking for their hostel. I wondered if they’d be staying at ours. They were heading in the right direction.

I wondered, too, when Raven had known her search had been detected. She’d had time to slip the files or whatever they were to Pato—who had since disappeared—and pack a bag before showing up at my place.

But she didn’t say anything. She just hung out with me until the baddies showed up. When they did, we split and hid out in Oaxaca. 

My soup arrived. It was too hot to eat, but the smell alone was worth the price. If the international oil pirates who are after Raven gun me down later this evening, I will take solace in the fact that for my final meal I ate this soup.

Thinking of my final breaths reminded me of Raven pinching my nose shut to stop my snoring while she and I napped in Oaxaca. I was dreaming of Pato and the cenotes, which Raven interpreted as meaning we needed to return to Tulum. We’d done that, the baddies had seemingly disappeared, and after some mumbo-jumbo with Santa Sofía, Raven had produced an envelope that Pato had supposedly left for me in a locker at the central bus station.

Then, when I hadn’t torn into the envelope, she’d used our code for secure messages to prod me to hurry up. Which made me want to slow down. Not because I’m stubborn— well, okay, because I’m stubborn—but also because something about the whole message situation set my parental Spidey sense to tingling.

So, before I even opened the envelope, I was going to take a look at the bus station just in case there was something worth seeing there.

And, I was going to ask Ramón if he’d seen Raven’s messenger boy around town. 

But I wasn’t doing any of that until I was done enjoying a bowl of the world’s best soup.

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