Road Trips Where No One’s Looking

Photo by Charles Ham on Unsplash

In Pedro Páramo, Juan Preciado travels to Comala to meet his father. Too much dust, too many ghosts in the superheated air to know what happens when he gets there.

What’s real and what’s imagined?

Does it matter?

In The One Inside, Sam Shepard writes about himself, his tiny father, about winding roads crisscrossing the landscape of memory.

What’s real and what’s imagined?

It doesn’t matter.

I’m moving to Mexico to write more. I’m hoping to catch something — not sure what, I’ll find out when I get there — in a net of words.

I hope it’s good enough to matter.

This is the second in a series of hundred-word stories inspired by the songs of David Berman. This one borrowed words from the Smith and Jones Forever (video, lyrics).