One Girl’s Reaction

100 words prompted by “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

“Poor!” Ellie said, stomping the brake. Clorox bottles and mop handles rattled in the back seat. “I can’t catch a light today.”

I lit a smoke and handed it over. “Here’s a light.”  

Ellie took a drag. The radio coughed up the Stones. “Satisfaction.”

“This guy,” Ellie said, meaning Mick. “Some girl tells him no and I gotta listen fifty years later.” She exhaled through her nose and passed me the cig.

“At least we smoke the same cigarettes,” I teased.

On the radio, Mick couldn’t get no satisfaction.

Ellie said, “Satisfaction is a paycheck with a comma in it.”

© Copyright 2021 by Jim Latham