Ideas, Waves, and Mud

Photo by Tejal Shanbhag on Unsplash

if you start at all you start with something more or less like an idea or maybe something more like a hope and an idea riding a wave or perhaps its better to say a hope and an idea all wrapped up together so they make their own wave and at first all you do is try to ride the wave alongside em long enough to see where they might be going if its across the water or down the road and if its someplace you can go too and thats just how it is for a while youre just trying to keep up and not be too noisy about it and not too sneaky either because that feels suspicious that makes the idea nervous and after a while you start to see the idea wasnt alone after all it turns out there are a couple others alongside it so you start keeping an eye on those too and if youre lucky you see faint little lines connecting them and before long the lines start humming and rhyming and you see not just the ideas but patterns that are between them and patterns that arent and if youre really lucky you get enough of it written down that you dont have to worry about the ideas running away and hiding in the grass or in the ditches on either side of the road or under the waves or wherever it is they hide on the days when theres nothing in your head but mud and nothing under your fingers but mud that it splashes up on the screen every time you press a key and all you can say for yourself as you wait for sleep is that you tried and you will try again tomorrow even if all you do is thrash around and press keys and splash mud and hope something like an idea riding a wave stops by long enough to pick you up out of your chair and carry you a while hopefully long enough to set you down somewhere new

© Copyright 2020 by Jim Latham