Enlarging My Reduced Life

Moderation. A dirty word. From moderate (Latin) via moderat: reduced, controlled.

I’ve had too much moderation. I submit as evidence dreams I’ve not chased:

  • Living in Mexico.
  • Learning to sail.
  • Chucking it all to write.

What’ve I been controlled by?

Fear. Fear whittled my dreams to wants. My hopes to goals.

Thousands of compromises later I’ve got freeze-up, birch syrup, and petrochemicals instead of sea breezes, mango trees, the language of Cervantes.

I’m not dead yet. I’ve got time to kick moderation in the teeth and live for real if I can just grow some guts.

If I start now…

© Copyright 2021 by Jim Latham
Photo by Russell Ferrer on Unsplash