One More Smoothie

Raven Series Part #18 | Jump to Raven # 1  I sat on the river bank watching Raven swim in the slow, clear river. She’d wanted to decompress after the confrontation at Cenote Cardenas, and this was one of her favorite spots.  It was one of the rare places the water flowing through the cenotes… Continue reading One More Smoothie

Raven Unbound

This is Part #17 | Jump to Raven # 1  Don Hidalgo stood holding the bound Raven in one hand and aiming a pistol at Don Pedro with the other. Don Pedro scowled back at him. “Don Hidalgo, don’t do this,” Pato said. “Nothing ends well with guns.” “A chance I’ll take,” Hidalgo said, “since… Continue reading Raven Unbound

Pato’s Big News

Raven Series # 14 | Jump to Raven # 1  Don Pedro’s question chewed its way through my mind. I tried to think of who would be angry enough at me to kidnap Raven.  The dive business was going well, but I wasn’t taking food from anybody’s mouth. There were more than enough divers for… Continue reading Pato’s Big News

Whispering Shadows

Raven Series #8 | Jump to Raven # 1  The whisper came from the shadows. “Don Cuervo?” I flinched. But I recognized the voice. “Buenas noches, Ramón.” Hidden in the shadows in a narrow alley, the boy was invisible to the people passing on the street. “Buenas noches, Don Cuervo,” Ramón said.  “My father, he wants… Continue reading Whispering Shadows