Three Bats and the Moon

A story inspired by David Berman’s ‘The Natural Bridge’ 1. A Tower Without the Wedding Bells Evan stood below the chandelier in the center of a room full of ball gowns and black ties. A room full of razored glances and practiced smiles. His fiancée knitted her perfectly plucked eyebrows in a fleeting micro-frown and tilted her… Continue reading Three Bats and the Moon

When You Can’t Afford the Next Round

It’s important to have a system “Watch close now.” Bill, the first honest-to-god alcoholic I ever met, was demonstrating his “Five-step Magical ATM banking system.” “First, ya grab one of these envelopes they give away and ya press the deposit button.”  “Five hundred usually does it.” Bill pressed buttons. The deposit hatch chucked open. Bill slid… Continue reading When You Can’t Afford the Next Round

The Great Cheddar Debate

I have a friend who doesn’t believe cheddar cheese is dyed orange. He admits cheese is made of milk. He agrees milk is white. But, he won’t believe in dyed cheese. I google, I show him pics. I read him Tillamook labels. “Fake news,” he says. “Don’t believe everything you read.” “What about white cheddar?”… Continue reading The Great Cheddar Debate

Alternative Medicine

Kira’s looking gloomy when Roger gets home from base. “Uh-oh. You got a problem, Babe?” “A big one, Roger.” “You know what I say.” Kira nods. Smiles patiently. “Ain’t no problem can’t be solved with the proper application of high explosives.” Kira holds up a sheaf of medical printouts. “It’s a different kind of problem,… Continue reading Alternative Medicine

Enlarging My Reduced Life

Moderation. A dirty word. From moderate (Latin) via moderat: reduced, controlled. I’ve had too much moderation. I submit as evidence dreams I’ve not chased: Living in Mexico. Learning to sail. Chucking it all to write. What’ve I been controlled by? Fear. Fear whittled my dreams to wants. My hopes to goals. Thousands of compromises later… Continue reading Enlarging My Reduced Life

Working Capital

Lexi’s small and cute, but ten years of Adam Smith’s invisible hand in her panties has knocked the bloom off her rose. Her next trick saunters up, checks her out. Lexi smiles, fluffs her hair. She settles for less, again. They go around the corner, upstairs. When Lexi’s back hits the sheets she’s figuring how many… Continue reading Working Capital

Late Night Caller

50-words about silence In the sudden silence after the furnace blower shut off, Heather heard her husband whispering. His words were indistinct, his frustration clear. Heather stopped breathing, listened. A woman’s voice slipped through Bill’s cell phone. Bill’s reply: “She’s home early. I don’t know why.” Heather called out, “Bill, who’s that?” Silence. © Copyright 2021… Continue reading Late Night Caller