Dusty Around the Eyes

Names change colors when you are dusty around the eyes. Watch a gerenuk at sunset while listening to a Walkman. These two odd sentences are mnemonics I constructed to remind myself of chains of thought that occurred to me while learning to do anthropological fieldwork in East Africa. Searching the forests of the Semliki Valley… Continue reading Dusty Around the Eyes

Warranty Issue

Marques had just finished eating when Devon walked into the lunch room and asked him, “You remember replacing those bad valves last hitch?” Marques looked up from his phone. “Yeah I remember. I remember you riding me and Carlos to get it done, too.” Devon tried a smile that ended up a grimace. “Since it’s… Continue reading Warranty Issue

Not Quite Canadian

I couldn’t figure it out. Was there something on my face? Was my fly open? I hadn’t made it halfway across campus from the bus stop and three friends had already stopped me to ask how I was doing.  I was fine, as far as I knew.  But I was starting to wonder. It was… Continue reading Not Quite Canadian

Ideas, Waves, and Mud

if you start at all you start with something more or less like an idea or maybe something more like a hope and an idea riding a wave or perhaps its better to say a hope and an idea all wrapped up together so they make their own wave and at first all you do… Continue reading Ideas, Waves, and Mud