In the Eye of the Storm

100-word story Maria sees the ambulance. Her driveway. Her front door, open. Marcus. Where’s Marcus? Her foot slips off the clutch. Her Civic jerks and dies. Sprinting to her front door, Maria hears birds chirping, kids shooting hoops, a lawn mower. She smells cut grass and ribs cooking on a barbecue. She sees Marcus’s Hulk… Continue reading In the Eye of the Storm

What the Sisters Saw

50-word story The day the government blinded the boys, their sisters sang them home.Not one girl led her brother by the hand.Looking ahead to decades of caretaking, the sisters saw they would have only one chance to teach the newly sightless boys to listen and keep their hands to themselves. © Copyright 2020 by Jim… Continue reading What the Sisters Saw


A 100-word story I crack a beer and sink into a chair that’s in the sun and out of the wind to dial my friend Dave. He knew me when I had hair. Dave still lives in the desert where we took road trips guided by one rule: stay on dirt unless low on gas or… Continue reading Playdate

Semantics Goeth Before the Fall

A 50-word story about mistakes James’s status showed a baggie of pills and a handle of Wild Turkey 101. I texted: “Looks like you’re fixin’ to make some bad decisions.”  “I make mistakes,” James replied. “Mistakes are more fun.”  “Til the next day. LOL”  “The next day’s named tomorrow,” James said, “and tomorrow never comes.”… Continue reading Semantics Goeth Before the Fall

One Girl’s Reaction

100 words prompted by “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones “Poor!” Ellie said, stomping the brake. Clorox bottles and mop handles rattled in the back seat. “I can’t catch a light today.” I lit a smoke and handed it over. “Here’s a light.”   Ellie took a drag. The radio coughed up the Stones. “Satisfaction.” “This… Continue reading One Girl’s Reaction

Expectation Management

He was older than she’d thought he would be, but, in fairness, she was older than she had ever thought she would be. Something they already had in common: her erroneous expectations.  Not a bad start, she thought. Mom always said, ‘When you lower your expectations, you raise your average.’ © Copyright 2020 by Jim LathamPhoto… Continue reading Expectation Management

Vuelva a la Vida

Kati’s smile brimmed with hope. Red drops ran in rivulets down the glass in her hand.  Outside the van, waves crashed on white sand. Brian opened an eye. Took in the scallops, lobster, and shrimp swimming in tomato, lime, and cilantro. Groaned. Rolled over. With Brian’s resurrection delayed, Kati surfed. Originally published in Friday Fix… Continue reading Vuelva a la Vida

Election Result

Recounts. Lawsuits. Faithless electors. A slow-motion soft coup? Ten days of nonstop news left me with one burning question. I ditched the television to visit a professional. “What drink can I order that won’t make me look like an alcoholic?” “Easy,” she said. “Bloody Mary.” I said, “Give me two.” © Copyright 2020 by Jim… Continue reading Election Result

Who Freezes a Canned Ham

It was a slow night at work. We were turning the freezer inside out looking for ice cream and found a canned ham. “That’s weird,” Kris said. “It’s redundant,” I said, hefting the cold tin.“It’s canned. Why freeze it? That’s duplicate food preservation.” “Beats me,” Kris said. “I’ll bet you anything it’s required by the… Continue reading Who Freezes a Canned Ham