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What’s the deal? 

Buy a copy of Noon in Florida, leave a review on Amazon, and I’ll email you a free copy of my second book, The Little Ones, in EPUB or PDF.


I’m trying to get 50 reviews for Noon in Florida. Word on the street is this boosts visibility in Amazon’s algorithm.  

As of this morning, Noon in Florida has 23 reviews. Of those, 20 give it 5 stars.

I’m hoping 27 people will give Noon in Florida a read and leave a review on Amazon. Of course, I hope everyone loves it, but I’m not looking for anything besides honest opinions. 

Reviews don’t need to be long. One sentence is plenty. Feel free to write more, but only if you want to. 


  1. Buy a copy of Noon in Florida (available on Kindle and in paperback).
  2. Email me ( a screenshot of your review once it posts on Amazon—it usually takes a day or three.
  3. I will email you a copy of The Little Ones in EPUB (Kindle) or PDF format as a thank you.
  4. That’s it!

Already own a copy of Noon in Florida and haven’t left a review?

Leave a review, email me the screenshot, and I’ll send you a copy of The Little Ones. Easy-peasy!

If you’ve already reviewed Noon in Florida, thanks a million. Reviews are extremely helpful for new writers like me.

As always, thanks for reading and take care—


P.S.—Here are the blurbs for both Noon in Florida and The Little Ones.

Noon in Florida

Noon in Florida delivers realistic flash fiction with no wasted words. By turns angsty, empathetic, and eccentric, these minimalist short-short stories center on the search for connection in an unpredictable world—a search that turns up hope in surprising places.

Taken as a whole, Noon in Florida is a rich tapestry of stark realism leavened with glimmers of hope and gallows humor. Latham’s gritty-yet-lyrical prose is likely to appeal to fans of Raymond Carver, Michael Ondaatje, and Charles Bukowski.

The Little Ones

The Little Ones collects a wide array of big stories crammed into small spaces. Highlighting the moments on which days, nights, relationships and lives can hinge, these 76 concise stories cover a broad emotional range from humorous to poignant, with stops at hopeful, resigned, and heartwarming. These 50- and 100-word microfictions are presented in Spanish and English.

P.P.S.—Thanks David for the photo!