Alternative Medicine

Photo by JEFF VRBA on Unsplash

Kira’s looking gloomy when Roger gets home from base. “Uh-oh. You got a problem, Babe?”

“A big one, Roger.”

“You know what I say.”

Kira nods. Smiles patiently.

“Ain’t no problem can’t be solved with the proper application of high explosives.”

Kira holds up a sheaf of medical printouts. “It’s a different kind of problem, Roger. I need plasma transfusions, not an invasion.”

Roger frowns. “Got a plasma cutter…”

“Different kind of plasma.”

“Driving out into the desert and blowing shit up always makes me feel better.”

“The doctors say to rest.”

“Fuck ’em. You feel better, you’ll get better.”

© Jim Latham 2021