A Ticket and a Maze

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Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

“Dad, you should really listen more,” Raven said, gliding through the door of the dive shop with a mango licuado in one hand and an envelope in the other. 

“Is that right, Kid?” 

“Yes. Both Santa Sofía and I think so.” 

“Oh, you do? Why am I not surprised?”

“Don’t worry, we still love you.” She smiled. 

“That’s good,” I said. 

“It is.” Raven handed me an envelope. “Here’s the ticket.”

“What ticket?”

“What’s the last thing Pato said to you?”

Pato fell backward into the water, the two scuba tanks strapped to his back dragging him under. An eruption of bubbles engulfed him. 

He bobbed to the surface, tapping the top of his head with a fist to tell me he was okay. As okay as anybody diving cenotes solo could be, that is.

“Whatever you do,” Pato said, “don’t lose the ticket.” 

Then he stuck his regulator in his mouth, dumped the air from his BC, and descended into the perfectly clear water of Cenote Cárdenas. I watched his light playing off the cavern walls for a few moments.

It wasn’t long before it was lost in the maze of limestone passages. 

I had no idea what ticket he meant. 

“You’ve known what we were looking for all along,” Raven said. She put a hand on my forehead. “Are you sick? Or just not paying attention?”

I made a grab for her licuado and she backed away, giggling. I shook the envelope. There wasn’t much in it. A couple pieces of paper at most. “He never mentioned a ticket before or after that,” I said. “And, besides, Pato is crazy.”

“There is that,” Raven said. “Also, Pop, Sofía wanted me to tell you that the cube was right.” 

“How’s that? I don’t remember the cube or Sofía saying anything about the last crazy thing Pato said.” 

“She rolled green, and the envelope was in a locker at the bus station.”


“Green stands for the center, Dad, and the bus station is across from the parque centralCentral means…” 

“I know what central means, you little twerp. We don’t know what’s in this envelope and why you are acting like you’ve discovered the Holy Grail and cold fusion in one tidy package. How’d you know what locker to look in? Green didn’t mean locker.”

“The locker key was on Pato’s key chain.”

“Sofía must have found the key when she drove Silver back from the cenote.”


“I gave her a ride out there. She didn’t say anything to me about the key.”

“She probably thought you wouldn’t listen.”

“So she assumed I could read her mind? Sounds logical.” I made a face.

“Well, Dad, you don’t always listen when she gives you advice. In fact, you almost never—”

“Yeah, yeah. You keep taking her side and—”

“I’m grounded forever?” She raised an eyebrow at me.

“Two forevers,” I said. “At least.”

“You’ll check it out?”

“Of course, I will. As soon as I get done balancing the books here.”

“Love you, Dad,” she said, bouncing toward the door. 

“I love you, too, Kiddo. Hang on a second.”


“Still no sign of those oil pirate guys or whatever they were that tried to grab you?”

“No. I’ve asked everybody I know. Nobody’s seen or heard anything.”

“Same here. What do you make of that? You have any computer whiz secrets to share with your muggle father?”

“Not really. Maybe as long as I’m not running any more searches they think they’ve made their point.”

“I hope you’re right, Kid. I really do.”

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