Month: February 2023

  • Harmless and Beautiful

    I see you, human. I see your wide eyes, your sunburned skin, your trembling fist clutching a green-tinted bottle. I smell the pheromones flooding from your skin and I hear your racing heart. To be honest, I’m surprised you heard me. I figured I’d drop down off the ridge pole of your fancy canvas tent, […]

  • My Brother the Bear

    When you’re in a tree stand hunting bears over bait, you gotta watch out for two things: peeing and sleeping. Three things, really, counting the bears.  Peeing marks the area with your scent, which you don’t want. Some guys use special sprays that supposably eliminate human odor and whiz-bang fabrics that block whatever the spray […]

  • Around the House

    Three of us live in the piece of shit house on the hill two blocks past the end of the train line: Ma, the monster, and me. Four of us if you count the cat, but he only eats here a few times a week. Not that I eat three squares, but you know what […]

  • A Streak of Black and White

    The day I slaughtered the first sheep, the three dogs laid their black and white ears back and their deep brown eyes looked away. They didn’t, however, turn their noses up at the chunks of mutton I tossed them a short while later, the fat still sizzling from the fire. Now, Lainey’s the only collie […]