Midnight Moose Raid

Molly fingered the green cube suspended from a strand of monofilament fishing line knotted to the branch of her lime tree. Hundreds of identical cubes dangled from her lemon tree. Hundreds more swung from the branches of her orange tree. Molly kept her tone light. “Kev, darling, the point was to wash the bugs off.… Continue reading Midnight Moose Raid

Stop Transmission

They’d started hiking early, in the predawn chill, expecting the day to warm. Now, midday, they stood on the ridge top in knit hats and windbreakers near the husk of the Ten 3 restaurant, charcoaled in a late-summer mega-fire, and watched rain and storm clouds erase the city on the plain five thousand feet below.… Continue reading Stop Transmission

Same Name Exactly

I didn’t much enjoy sitting in the piece-of-shit car that smelled like puke, smoking, and watching Dad push a mop around a diner floor, but it didn’t break my heart either. The way he shuffled, dragging his right leg, I could see his back was hurting him. His own damn fault trying to ride that… Continue reading Same Name Exactly