Snails and Magic Mushrooms

Paul Emmets wasn’t what you would call dedicated, but he was reliably on time, which was sufficient to secure employment as a receptionist at the Menendez Library’s Rare Book Room through the end of the semester, which was the longest planning horizon Paul cared to contemplate. At 1 PM sharp he bumped fists with Lexi,… Continue reading Snails and Magic Mushrooms

Edmund, Fitz, and Gordon

Gordon Morris sat at the kitchen table, cracked a Dale’s Pale Ale, and grinned at the stand-off taking place on the far side of the kitchen. Edmund, the family’s pet duck, stood erect with his wings held wide and his emerald-green head weaving menacingly from side to side. Fitz, their yearling golden retriever, looked from… Continue reading Edmund, Fitz, and Gordon

The Most Perfect Thing

Rapp nipped at his flask, felt the burn, and then exhaled, let the night wind suck the sotol fumes out the passenger window of his flare-side Chevy and into the desert. He hit the flask again, wondered if it was still the desert outside his window or just Phoenix. Saguaros stuffed into pots in the… Continue reading The Most Perfect Thing