Rhino the Destroyer

Chris was sitting in the shade of an umbrella on the lido deck of the Norwegian Saphire, sketching the famous arch, the one everybody had to have a selfie with, when some kid he didn’t know walked up to him and said, “A rhino’s running loose in Cabo.” “What?”  The kid was a little older… Continue reading Rhino the Destroyer

If Spiders Thought

The city girl’s name was Nicole. She brought her Honda Civic to a stop at the dusty intersection and wondered which way she should go. Left was south, back toward Denver. Right was north, toward Wyoming. Straight ahead, the Rocky Mountains. All around her, dry grass. Nobody, nothing around. Not even a bird. Just then… Continue reading If Spiders Thought

Getting Smaller Every Day

Fluorescent light gleamed on the steel blades shaking in Ang’s right hand. Thunder sounded somewhere behind her, and the shaking worsened. An old lady pushed her cart around the corner of the aisle, saw Ang, frowned, and backed away, out of sight. “Ang,” I said, “don’t do it.” The scissors wavered in her hand.  “Please.” … Continue reading Getting Smaller Every Day

What Now?

Jackson opened his apartment door cradling the lamp he’d made a decade ago in high school shop class against his hip like it was a three-year-old or a koala and saw a woman holding a clipboard standing where the welcome mat used to be. The woman wore an ID badge on a string around her… Continue reading What Now?