Month: June 2022

  • Too Late

    Tomorrow I will call it a relapse, but tonight I want to write about meeting her again in a bar in the old part of Denver, the part where the sidewalks aren’t cement but red flagstone worn smooth by thousands of footsteps and millions of raindrops, raindrops that might have been falling out of a […]

  • BOGO book deal!

    Review Noon in Florida and get The Little Ones 100% free What’s the deal?  Buy a copy of Noon in Florida, leave a review on Amazon, and I’ll email you a free copy of my second book, The Little Ones, in EPUB or PDF. Why? I’m trying to get 50 reviews for Noon in Florida. Word on the street is […]

  • Small Town Rain

    I was standing on the street corner outside the Crossroads Bar looking at the road signs when a man walked up to me and introduced himself as Dundee Ragland. When we got done shaking hands, I looked back to the road signs. One said CR 19 and the other CR 54, and I could believe that, […]

  • Seven Years Gone

    Max thought I was never coming back. Everybody else did, too, but Max is the only one who told me to my face. The rest of ‘em, I read it in their eyes. Max and I were smoking cigarettes on his front step after band practice when he told me. Our band wasn’t going anywhere […]

  • Edges of Words

    You can fall off the edge of a word the same way you fall off the edge of the world. When you’re not looking. Or by slipping. But there’s no need to worry. Falling off the world’s like falling off a horse. All you gotta do is climb back on. You might want to lay […]

  • Caribou Transmitters & Hummingbird Math

    “Benny? That you?” “Nobody else at my house this time of the morning, Walter.”  “You’re not gonna believe this.” “Then wake me up and tell me?” “I’ve got fifteen hummingbirds outside my window.” “So?” “Well, they’re either smoking or holding tiny pieces of chalk in their beaks and scribbling all over the rock we just […]