Pato’s Big News

Raven Series # 14 | Jump to Raven # 1  Don Pedro’s question chewed its way through my mind. I tried to think of who would be angry enough at me to kidnap Raven.  The dive business was going well, but I wasn’t taking food from anybody’s mouth. There were more than enough divers for… Continue reading Pato’s Big News

A Personal Matter

Raven Series Part #13 | Jump to Raven # 1  Don Pedro and I zip-tied the unconscious Bonetta to the angle iron supporting the compressor frame. The walls were double thick, but to be sure nobody could hear him, I fired up the compressor. It wouldn’t hurt to top off the high-pressure air reservoir. There’d… Continue reading A Personal Matter

Two Empty Hands

Raven Series # 10 | Jump to Raven # 1  His machete gleaming in the moonlight, Don Pedro stepped from behind a tree. He nodded his head toward the far side of the street.  I turned. We walked away from the hostel in silence. After a block or two, he leaned toward me and asked, … Continue reading Two Empty Hands

Unofficial Lockers

Raven Series #9 | Jump to Raven # 1  The cashier shook his head. No lockers. I would have believed him, but I believed Raven more. She had told me there were lockers at the bus station, so there had to be. For that reason, I pressed the cashier. “There are no lockers? No way… Continue reading Unofficial Lockers

Whispering Shadows

Raven Series #8 | Jump to Raven # 1  The whisper came from the shadows. “Don Cuervo?” I flinched. But I recognized the voice. “Buenas noches, Ramón.” Hidden in the shadows in a narrow alley, the boy was invisible to the people passing on the street. “Buenas noches, Don Cuervo,” Ramón said.  “My father, he wants… Continue reading Whispering Shadows

Sopa de Lima

Raven Series Part #7 | Jump to Raven # 1  I didn’t sacrifice a chicken.  Instead, I ducked through a couple alleys to my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant and for some sopa de lima, a delicious chicken soup spiced with cloves, cinnamon, oregano, and because this is the Yucatán, habaneros. A healthy dose of lime juice is added… Continue reading Sopa de Lima

Looking for Pantas

Raven Series # 6 | Jump to Raven # 1  A ratty looking gringo I’d never seen before sauntered into the dive shop. Outside, Ramón stood in the shade by his licuado cart. He was watching through the window.  “I’m looking for Pantas,” the stranger said.  “I don’t know anyone named Pantas.” “She said you’d say that.”… Continue reading Looking for Pantas

A Ticket and a Maze

Raven Series Part #5 | Jump to Raven # 1  “Dad, you should really listen more,” Raven said, gliding through the door of the dive shop with a mango licuado in one hand and an envelope in the other.  “Is that right, Kid?”  “Yes. Both Santa Sofía and I think so.”  “Oh, you do? Why am I… Continue reading A Ticket and a Maze