Thigh Highs

Short Story (~1200 words) Ellie pulled her hip waders up over her jeans and ran the straps through her belt. “There you go,” she said. “You said you wanted to see me in thigh highs.” She mock-posed a couple times, laughing, the sun reflecting off her aviator sunglasses and the thick braid of black hair… Continue reading Thigh Highs

A Night in Her Shoes

150-word story Ellie never knew when her mom was going to kick her out. When she was twelve, Ellie started sleeping in her shoes so she could walk to her auntie’s without worrying about broken glass on the sidewalk — or frostbitten toes in winter. When her mom wanted her back, she called the cops… Continue reading A Night in Her Shoes

Raven-related stories

Stories inspired by my daughter If you arrived here after reading the Raven and the Mango Roadtrip, I hope you enjoyed the series. I started it trying to write a detective-type story set in Mexico with characters based on my daughter and me. I wrote it by the seat of my pants, and it veered… Continue reading Raven-related stories

One More Smoothie

Raven Series Part #18 | Jump to Raven # 1  I sat on the river bank watching Raven swim in the slow, clear river. She’d wanted to decompress after the confrontation at Cenote Cardenas, and this was one of her favorite spots.  It was one of the rare places the water flowing through the cenotes… Continue reading One More Smoothie

Raven Unbound

This is Part #17 | Jump to Raven # 1  Don Hidalgo stood holding the bound Raven in one hand and aiming a pistol at Don Pedro with the other. Don Pedro scowled back at him. “Don Hidalgo, don’t do this,” Pato said. “Nothing ends well with guns.” “A chance I’ll take,” Hidalgo said, “since… Continue reading Raven Unbound

Never Trust a Nobleman

Raven Series Part #16 | Jump to Raven # 1  I was surprised to see Pato the next afternoon when I pulled into the lot at Cenote Cardenas. He had parked next to the wooden stairway leading down to the water and was sitting on the open tailgate of his truck, Silver, smoking a cigarette.… Continue reading Never Trust a Nobleman

Pato’s Big News

Raven Series # 14 | Jump to Raven # 1  Don Pedro’s question chewed its way through my mind. I tried to think of who would be angry enough at me to kidnap Raven.  The dive business was going well, but I wasn’t taking food from anybody’s mouth. There were more than enough divers for… Continue reading Pato’s Big News