Karl Thinks of Bears

Watching the snow fall outside his window makes Karl cold. Feeling cold reminds him to take his Vitamin D. Plus Vitamin C to prevent colds.  His girlfriend says it’s the bare minimum in winter. Thinking of bears, Karl read that bears don’t need dens to hibernate. They can plop down pretty much anywhere and sleep.… Continue reading Karl Thinks of Bears

New Dreams, Reason Unknown

My dreams have changed. I don’t know why.  They’re harking back to my childhood—to the bad-old school days—dredging up long-nurtured hurts, and mashing them up with more recent pain. What’s weird is the mood. These dreams feel good—like my psyche is tearing crusted-over scabs from the edges of old wounds and then sewing the freshly… Continue reading New Dreams, Reason Unknown

Mayan Colors

The Mayans assign a color to each of the four directions and one to the center. So the guidebook says. The color assigned to the center is blue-green. I imagine an enchanted isle where everything makes sense. I conjure soft breezes, a warm ocean. I wish for a compass that points the way. I imagine… Continue reading Mayan Colors

My Friend Bror

Bror moved from his native New Zealand to Bermuda wearing a three-piece suit and carrying only his bank cards.  Bror teaches people to pronounce his name by saying, “It’s the letter B followed by a lion’s roar. Let’s practice it together: Bror.”  Then he tells them bror means brother in Dutch, which I’ve not fact-checked. He… Continue reading My Friend Bror

One’s Worth Keeping, One’s Not

Eleven fifty-eight: Plate in hand, Trish sniffs perfume — someone else’s.Sneaking shower-ward, Jerry catches a clue, tries a smile. Trish’s narrowed eyes detect rumpled hair and untucked shirt. Eleven fifty-nine: Trish makes up her mind, grabs her bag. Midnight: Trish walks out — resolution kept. Fuck him and them black-eyed peas. © Copyright 2021 by Jim LathamSo many handles it looks like a liquor… Continue reading One’s Worth Keeping, One’s Not