Don Cuervo’s Entire World Is Going to Change Right Now — He Has No Idea

El Cangrejo stalks Raven

A man watches from a window.
Photo by Max Harlynking on Unsplash

Some people are too stupid to learn. I sent three guys to Don Cuervo’s house to talk to him. Explain to him what was going on, what was going to happen. Him and his girl got lucky and got away and now he thinks he won.

He’s got no idea.

He came down here with his gringo money and bought two lots that were going to be ours. We had made our plans. He thinks he can just come down here and enjoy the weather and have his little businesses while we who have been here for years pick up the scraps.

He’s got no idea.

We were going to be respectful. Not that a gringo deserves respect, but because we are descent people. Descended from royalty. He’s a long way from home. We were gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. Give him a fair price for the land. Not what he paid, but a fair price. He would be able to start his business again nearby. Maybe we would even help out in certain areas.

But now. After he steals one of our cars and runs away like a coward. After he comes back and says that he is not worried. That the people who attacked the house are amateurs. That he will buy a gun and this will be enough.

Now it is different.

He’s got no idea.

He’s got no idea. He’s walking down the street toward his dive shop. His girl standing talking to the boy at the smoothie cart. He sees the pickup go by, but he doesn’t know who is in it. He doesn’t know that we are here to take the girl, that I am here to make sure there are no more mistakes, that we will take the girl, and then he will do what we want.

Right now, just moments before his life will change, he’s got no idea.