Time Is A Pancake

Vinyl squeaked as Paxton’s mom, red eyes and all, slid into the booth across from him. Paxton crunched ice and sighed through his nose. His mom saw it. “Don’t be so judgy, Pax. There’s nothing wrong with a little wake and bake. Weed’s legal in Alaska, even if the Fed’s haven’t gotten on board.” “Trust… Continue reading Time Is A Pancake

Of Mice and Muscadine Wine

Though the unusual smells and unusual location of the human bodies discomfited the mouse, he made bold and dashed from the gap between the machines known to the humans as the refrigerator and the dishwasher to a more central location under the one chair in the kitchen that was still standing. The other three were… Continue reading Of Mice and Muscadine Wine

The Empty Cupboard

His pantry held two kilos of chocolate, two kilos of coffee, two bottles of mezcal.  The chocolate ground with almonds, cinnamon, and sugar and pressed into discs the size of silver dollars. The coffee grown in the shade by people who preferred the language of their ancestors to that of the Spanish invaders. The mezcal… Continue reading The Empty Cupboard

Baboon Fingers on Glass

Addisyn couldn’t sleep the night before she was scheduled to rotate back to Earth. She slipped into her uniform and wandered the quiet hallways of the base. Without meaning to, she found herself standing outside Pappy’s enclosure, idly stirring her chamomile tea. The sugar was long since dissolved. She just liked watching the tea go… Continue reading Baboon Fingers on Glass

The Place the Sun Won’t Rise

A bright moon hangs in a dark-blue sky and draws shadows twice life-size on the snow. Kevin’s eyes trace the roofline of Merna’s shed, the shadow of the furnace exhaust boiling its way east toward the notch in the hills where the sun won’t rise tomorrow. Kevin’s phone says it’s December eighteenth. Three days to… Continue reading The Place the Sun Won’t Rise

Things Nora Didn’t Know

Nora pushed the empty mayonnaise jar around the tiled floor of Luca’s apartment with her nose. She didn’t know it, but Luca had named her for the woman who had broken his heart.  Nora—the whippet, not the woman—had found him slumped on a stone bench in Oaxaca’s central plaza as the October sun crept over… Continue reading Things Nora Didn’t Know

Friend of the Bottle

She sits at the oak desk with eyeliner and gin, with lipstick and eyeshadow. The silk stocking she’s not yet donned sits next to the plate of lime wedges she had the foresight to slice after reading the letter and before unstoppering the bottle.  She sits at the oak desk and ignores all that’s on… Continue reading Friend of the Bottle